Hello, and welcome to the April A-Z Blogging Challenge! Over the first 26 days of April, we will explore aspects of writing and marketing books – authors, feel free to weigh in, and readers, feel free to observe and ask questions!



Rounding out the blogging challenge this month with Z for Zealous – or in other words, about as good a description of authors as I’ve ever met. No matter how difficult, authors continue on their course with joy and, well, zeal. Today, I want to celebrate a few things about you all, because I’ve never met one of you that didn’t impress the hell out of me. So let’s talk! Let’s talk about your:

  • Energy: human limits? What human limits? The sheer amount that any author handles on a daily basis is pretty incredible. I’m seeing authors writing on lunch breaks, on buses, while waiting to pick their kids up from school. I’m seeing people get up early to respond to fans on twitter, staying up late to incorporate editor feedback, ,and reading extensively to tweak listings. Always improving, always producing. Where the energy comes from, I don’t know.
  • Perseverance: Writing is hard. Authors try to turn a mirror on the core of the soul, and even the happy parts of that lie deep below the skin, difficult to see and difficult to bare to the world. Even were we to strip away the emotions, the craft itself is difficult. How long have we stared at manuscripts, searching for a word or wondering why no words seemed adequate? Writing is hard. But authors persevere.
  • Generosity: I have never met a single author who didn’t try to help me out if I asked – and sometimes even if I didn’t! I have seen people be snide with one another, it’s true, and go head to head about everything from book pricing to editing – but every author I’ve met has also been generous with their time, wisdom, and moral support.
  • Creativity: a no-brainer, right? And yet, it remains truly inspiring to watch. Authors spin tales out of memories and air, and let’s be honest, we could read them all day and still look for more books. Where it comes from, I don’t know, but these people are pretty cool. (See also: musicians, painters, sculptors, teachers, and so many more!)

So give yourself a pat on the back today, authors – and fans, go track down one of your faves and give a Like on Facebook, or a shout-out on Twitter (since authors are usually fans, this one applies to you all, too). Remember just how cool it is that storytelling is a thing, and that we get to take part in it. Remember how important it is, and how deep an impact writing and reading have had on your life – and be proud that you are part of a tradition that goes back so far into our history. Z is for Zealous, fellow authors, and you are nothing if not that.