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Dearest Readers,

This year has been absolutely fantastic. In June, I was able to make a dream come true and begin writing full time. In 2016, I hope to get to the point where I am writing all original work instead of taking contract projects! It’s a little bit crazy, as goals go, but goals should be crazy.

I have some incredible projects lined up for 2016, so read on for more, and feel free to leave comments to tell me what you’re MOST excited for – those projects will come first!

  • More Miriel & Catwin – when last we left them, our sometime-diplomats were off to explore Innis Tearmen. Naturally, everything will go exactly as expected and nothing will go wrong.
  • …okay, I lied. There are some excellent adventures coming up for Miriel, Catwin, and Fidach!
  • City of the Shroud – I’ve teamed up with some truly incredible game designers to bring you a story I can’t wait to build…with you. Iskendrun is waiting for you, and only you can determine its fate. Follow us here, and get ready for a truly player-driven story!
  • Fallen in love with Cade & Aryn yet? If sarcasm, freedom-fighting, spaceships, and romance are your thing, you’ve got a great year coming up – five (5!) more books are planned in the Dragon Corps series.
  • And what’s this? Pale Ones coming to the shores of the desert to speak with the Yeshuhain? Yes, indeed! Mahalia may have begun to change the desert, but there is a wider world that is calling…and greater danger than she knows. 2016 will bring you Inheritance, the sequel to Mahalia!
  • Meanwhile, who could fail to be a little intrigued by our wonderful villain, Isura? Her story – what truly happened between her and Mahalia’s father, and the story of the founding of the Mage Academy, will also come out in 2016!
  • Quarterly short stories and novellas – Patreon backers will vote on topics for each quarter’s short story! The topic for March’s story was chosen during the Launch party a week ago: Brynja tells the tale of a young woman so far from the center of a galactic empire that her people have forgotten they were ever a part of it. Her psychic powers, however, attract the interest of a man bent on taking the throne for himself – and Brynja must take shelter in the mind of the Empress herself.
  • Haven will round out the Novum Trilogy, as the royals fight for the possibility of life after their battle with the Henth. These books have been wonderful, and yet terrifying to write. I am both glad and nervous to be picking up with Niv, Adea, and the others again!
  • You might not guess it, but one of my absolute favorite genres is anything Regency-era, from romance to mystery. This year, I hope at last to make a foray into the genre I love so much, bringing you the story of Violet, a young widow with scars both visible and hidden, a woman entirely at the mercy of her family – and embroiled, suddenly, in a murder where nothing is as it seems…
  • Nearly 15 years ago, I dreamed up the beginning of the Novum Trilogy, humanity’s first forays into space, and the trials that awaited them there. A young naval officer charged with finding out just what earth’s most reclusive trillionaire is up to will find a truth no one expected – he hasn’t been on earth in a decade, and he’s taken hundreds with him to a planet the governments of earth now desperately want.
  • So many things!

So there you have it – 10 books, a video game, and some super-awesome short stories! What surprises this year will bring, I do not know – but I have no doubt that wonderful story ideas will brim up, and I am excited to share them with all of you.

If you’ve enjoyed my work, and would like to have cool stuff like all books delivered to your inbox a week early, characters named after you, and sneak peeks into the worlds I’m building, head on over to Patreon to check out the backer rewards. This time of year is actually the very best one to donate – the $5 backer tier gets ALL books and an omnibus of prior works, and the $3 tier gets a book on signup and one book per calendar year! You get books and other freebies, and I will have assured writing time…which gets you more books, faster!

What do you want to see this year, readers? What are you looking forward to?