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Dearest Readers,

After a few requests, I have decided to take the plunge and start a Patreon page – and next Saturday and Sunday, I will be hosting a Patreon Launch Party full of giveaways, an awesome live chat, and plenty of other goodies! You can sign up HERE or read on for more facts, such as “what the heck is Patreon and why are you launching something on it?”

Both good questions! Patreon is a new way for artists, authors, and other content creators to get work out to their fans. As such, my Patreon page will be a different way for you to pay for books – and get tons of cool freebies like short stories and early access! Backers will be able to vote on short stories for twice-yearly anthologies, will get a special shout out in every book, and will even have characters named after them! (And yes, I’ll be taking requests, so if you want to be a villain – or a dragon or a spaceship – let me know!)

Even better? All Patreon backers next weekend will be entered in a drawing for a Light & Shadow themed gift package, and Dragon Corps themed gift package!

dragon corps gift setlight and shadow gift set







You can see the giveaway schedule at the Facebook event HERE and the Patreon page HERE!

So why am I using Patreon, and what’s in it for readers? In short, more original content – faster! This year, I was able to make a dream come true and start writing full time. Since June, I have written over 700,000 words – about 7 full-length novels! The problem? Most of those words have been for contract projects, which I need to keep the mortgage paid and the adorable puppy fed. An assured few days (or weeks) of dedicated time for my own projects each month means that I can get stories out to you faster, with you getting all new content delivered right to your inbox before it even goes on sale.


For more details on the extras and other benefits like turning your friends into villains (seriously!), head on over to Patreon!