Hello, Dear Readers!

What a week it was! Freelancing work took over the house, my husband returned from a weeks-long business trip (the puppy is over the moon happy, as you might expect – there are double the people to adore him), and I am currently beating the Mahalia draft into submission with a large bat. …I mean, I’m crafting it carefully out of well-picked words.

I tell you, sometimes writing feels like finding one’s way around a swamp, blindfolded. Ah, well. I’ll let you all know when there are beta opportunities!

In the meantime, here’s a round up of the most interesting things I read on the web last week. What were your favorite news stories, geeky or otherwise?

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5 Writing Lessons I Learned Ghostwriting for New York Times Bestsellers – a very interesting look into what makes a winning manuscript

The ESA wants to build a village on the moon – and I want to go

Video of the earth opening and closing during the 2011 earthquake in Japan – terrifying, but also incredibly interesting

A rundown of folk music themes from around the globe – I may have snorted beer up my nose reading this, and it was still worth it

Things Could Be Worse mugs – because who doesn’t want blue-and-white old school willow mugs … with rampaging robots, cthulhu, and alien invasions on them? (Answer: no one.)

“The Expanse is the show we’ve been wanting since BSG” – from iO9. Pretty psyched! Any book fans want to weigh in?

Caramelized peach and lavender scones – in case you want to throw up your hands, ignore your life problems for an hour or two, and have delicious baked goods. Sounds like a good plan to me, in any case.

In case you missed the New Horizons news last week, it completed a flyby of Pluto and took some jaw-dropping pictures. Or it might be an Illuminati plot. You know, one or the other.

…and a lovely quote to send you off into your week!

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