Upcoming Works

The Heart of the World

After eons of battle, the Titans of the Four Ways tired of their warfare and withdrew to sleep in the Heart of the World, leaving the ancient Haesyndral to safeguard the new races of the earth: the humans, the elves, the skorar, and the dragonflights. But the Titans slept for so long, and so deeply, that in time, the Haesyndral withdrew to their aeries and left the mortal races to their own devices. And it was then that the great Balance began to tip. Now a rot spreads from the Heart of the World itself: life but not life, a taint that clings to all it touches. And as the races of the earth call out for guidance, four unlikely heroes emergeā€¦

  • Ninbael, a skorar youth of unlikely talent, sent on a mission of utmost importance: to find and annihilate the FireSeers who are said to have tipped the Balance….
  • Beryan, an elven earthspeaker of the old tradition, driven by duty and heartbreak to heal the forests and plains of his homeland….
  • Dhoruil, one of the most ancient of the Haesyndral, called back to the world of the mortals by the scent of rot on the wind….
  • Achoura, a young woman raised by FireSeers, homeless and alone, and pursued by enemies of inestimable power…….

(to be published Fall 2013)


Seventeen years have passed since Dirien’s mother–a bookish, plain country girl–shocked the court by stealing the heart of the Emperor and taking the crown. Named a whore by the court and even her own mother, the woman swore that her daughter should never be hated so. Dirien, the beloved youngest child of the Emperor, has been raised as an icon of purity, sworn never to marry, devoted to knowledge and piety above all else. But in her sixteenth year, Dirien’s brothers, the heirs to the Republic of the West, are betrayed and killed, and the long-dormant War of the Empires is rekindled. In one fatal moment, everything Dirien holds dear is taken from her, and she is named a traitor to her blood and her nation. In order to save the Empire and her own life, and restore her honor, Dirien must forsake all she holds dear and forge her own destiny…
(To be published mid 2016)


Decades have passed since the disasters that ended the human space program, and since the bitter catastrophes that have forced humanity into the shelter of the Towers. With earth in ruins, Admiral Petersen and his crew are sent on a mission of utmost secrecy to a distant, potentially-habitable planet. What they find on the surface of the planet called Heaven is not the salvation they have hoped for, gifted by providence, but instead a salvation born of human ingenuity: a spark named the Chaos Seed…
(To be published Summer 2015)