The Novum Trilogy

yehoram crop“If death is your greatest fear, you are lucky indeed.” Crucible, p. 135

No species has stood against the Henth and survived. In the vast reaches of time and space, it has extinguished hundreds of races, billions of lives  The most advanced fleets have fallen in moments – now their homeworlds lie in darkness, their stars gone cold.

The Aireni ran.

“We lied to give you hope.” Crucible, p. 49

Humanity was wise enough to know the dangers of the beyond. It hedged itself against famine, disease, war… It created the seed colonies: dozens of terraformed worlds, stocked with volunteers and left in carefully imposed isolation.

Unaware of the Henth, Humanity could never have understood the Daniya cropdesperation that drove the Aireni to flee across the stars. No one could have foreseen that the tiny colony of Guan-Yu would be found by the Aireni refugees.

And no one, not even the Aireni, could have anticipated that humanity itself could be the best hope for defeating the Henth…



Menuha Crop“We are part of a war that is greater than we ever knew, and we are the linchpin of it.” Crucible, p. 284

Believing themselves to be befriended by angels, the tiny tribe of Guan-Yu is bred, modified, and honed in their preparation for an encounter with the Henth, a force they know only as the Great Evil.

Humanity, ever fractious, has faced its own problems. Still shattered by the devastating Atollan Rebellion, the League of Human Nations searches for a weapon that can end the next rebellion before it begins – and when military intelligence discovers the Aireni project on Guan-Yu, the League believes it has found what it needs. They send war hero Benito Sandoval to recover the genetically modified soldiers.

Their mistake will cost forty thousand lives.

“I fear that we cannot win this battle, but more than that, I fear that at the end we will have compromised every value we hold dear and still it will all come to nothing, and none of us will escape. And we will die knowing that we betrayed ourselves.” Crucible, p. 201Vasiliy Crop

When humanity’s fleet arrives, too late to stop the attack, all that is left is ruins—and the cryptic words of a lone alien survivor, warning humanity of the Henth, a race that has devoured everything in its path.

As the human fleet searches the stars for the Henth, they leave the ruined colony behind them. But the colonists have not been destroyed. They have hidden. They have survived. And they know who their enemies are.

It is only a matter of time before they return from their exodus to the destroyed city, to find the technology the Aireni left behind. It is only a matter of time before that technology carries them into the galaxy. And then, as the last remnants of the surviving races face down the final advance of the Henth, it is up to humanity to convince a long-lost weapon to come to its aid…


Book I of the Novum Trilogy, Crucible, is out now!




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