Shadow’s Journey

Priteni is a haven to Catwin and Miriel, but it is not a home.

Book Cover: Shadow's Journey
Part of the Light & Shadow series:

Now, in the wake of the war between the Cornovii and the Morini, the noblewoman and her bodyguard are setting out to Innis Tearmen, to find a place they might at last call their own. Miriel will bring her fierce commitment to a social order more just than those she has known before, while Catwin brings her knowledge of warcraft and weaponry. Coming with them, Fidach is pleased to embrace his magic in a way he never has before, stepping out of the shadow of his bloodline.
But a great many people have dreams for Innis Tearmen, and not all of them include mages and Heddrians. Almost at once, Miriel's convictions spark opposition, while Fidach's magic engenders mistrust, leaving Catwin wondering if she will ever be able to live just for herself.
And Innis Tearmen has dangers beyond just the other people. The land has its own secrets...and a devastating power.