Dearest Readers,

The end of the year is fast approaching, and what a year it has been! Moving to writing full time has been exhausting, but has felt natural and wonderful from the first day! I have been working on a variety of supercool contracts (one of which you’ll hear about fairly soon!), and I have also had time to settle into my own writing, both finishing projects I started before the transition and launching news ones.

Projects like what, you ask? I’m so glad! Let’s start with the one that just came out on November 20th – Mahalia!


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Mahalia was my first novel, and a story I truly loved. However, as I went back to look at completing the trilogy, I could see all of the truths and complexities I now wanted to bring to her battle for survival. Mahalia is resourceful, loyal, and courageous, and I am so glad to share her story with you again! You can find it here at Amazon, and I hope to have it out to all retailers soon!

Next up? A little bit of holiday cheer!


Available at Amazon

The holidays can be full of laughter, love, unexpected camaraderie, and unexpected shipments of rum. Wait, what? That’s right – your favorite crew members aboard the Persephone, as well as Miriel and Catwin, Saira and the Wizard and Demetrios and more, all have holiday stories to share? Chasing rogue wizards around in summer snowstorms? Stealing a despot’s Christmas dinner? Oh, yes. And each story has a recipe included with it. Deck the Ship with Boughs of Holly will be out December 4th – you can get it HERE on Amazon!

Oh, did you think we were done? Not even close!

cyborg not finalAvailable at Amazon

Earlier this year, I was given a remarkable opportunity to appear in not one, but two more of the Future Chronicles anthologies. An original short story, Legacy, appeared in The Future Chronicles Special Edition earlier this year, and another original story, Indigo, will feature in The Cyborg Chronicles. Indigo pushes the boundaries of what it means to be human, where exactly the line blurs, and what happens when a human accepts the chance to become something more… The Cyborg Chronicles will be out on December 28th, and you can preorder it here!

And one final project for this post. Need a little Romance with your SciFi? Need a little SciFi with your Romance? Either way, I’ve got you covered. The Dragon Corps series follows a group of elite soldiers in humanity’s far future. Love, loyalty, passion, and mystery intertwine – always with a happily ever after for our sarcastic, lovable heroes. Dragon’s Honor and Dragon’s Vengeance will be out just after Christmas – preorder them here!


Preorder Dragon’s Honor at Amazon.


Preorder at Amazon.

Happy Holidays to you all, wonderful readers! May they be filled with warmth and happiness, and high hopes for the new year!