Writing a Lot (and Other Things)


Gentle Readers (and writers),

As the days turn from pleasantly chilly to dark and full of sleet, your friendly neighborhood author is finding more and more excuses to curl up on the couch in a cocoon of blankets, writing. Hopefully, this will keep everything on schedule for a May-June 2014 release of the entire Novum trilogy! In this particular vein, I have signed up for NaNoWriMo, and will be keeping you all apprised of my status throughout the month. It is not words 1-50,000 I will be completing, but rather some middle 50,000. Wish me well, gentle readers!

Comment below to suggest new authors for Indie Author Features! I feel a pressing guilt that you will have no new books from me until next year, and to assuage this, I hope to bring new favorites to your attention!

Both writers and readers may be intrigued by the following two, moderately related, articles: Slaves of the Internet Unite and The Case Against Literary Spam.

The Orangeberry Book Tour continues, with guest posts and interviews abounding! You can follow the progress of it here, and I will also be posting to facebook as new entries come out!

Happy reading, all!


P.S. I’ve banned a few words from comments, following some particularly persistent spambots. I recommend not talking about prescription drugs or clothing brands 😉

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