What’s Moira Up To?

…Other than ending her sentences in prepositions, of course. Sorry about that.

A lot of things are going on – projects in review, planning, or progress! Right now, I am working on…

  • Saira & the Dragon’s Egg: I have just gotten episodes 5-8 back from my editor (highly recommended, if you’re looking for one! You can find her here). If you haven’t started the series, you can find the first episode free on Amazon, iTunes, B&N, and all Smashwords affiliates!
  • A novella in the CHRONOS world, from Rysa Walker’s Time Bound. I highly recommend Time Bound, and was beyond thrilled when Rysa asked if I’d like to contribute on Kindle Worlds. Stay tuned!
  • Remnant: edits are in progress for Book II in the Novum trilogy, with Sandro working on a gorgeous new cover! If you haven’t started that, you can find Book I, Crucible, HERE.

Next up:

  • A series of short stories. A few novel ideas have kept kicking around in my head, and I’d love to bring them into the world – and it just occurred to me that perhaps they were actually shorter stories, not novels at all. Go figure!
  • Inheritance, Origins, and a 2nd edition of Mahalia for the Yeshuhain Chronicles: armed with new knowledge, I’ll be revising Mahalia and rounding out the Yeshuhain Chronicles with Inheritance, Mahalia’s ongoing adventures, and Origins, the story of Isura, another character in that universe!

Later this year:

  • Haven: closing out the Novum trilogy in epic, epic fashion
  • Joan of Arc: a young adult time travel novel!
  • The Sojourner Saga: what’s next for Miriel and Catwin? It will begin with a voyage at sea …
  • Heaven: a novella of flash-fiction from the first days of space travel in the Novum universe

Questions? Projects you’re waiting to hear on? Let me know!


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