What’s Moira Writing?

Hello, Gentle Readers!

It is always reassuring to know that the author is writing, is it not…? And so – an update! Hooray!

Light & Shadow Short Stories: a set of short stories to give you a glimpse of your favorite Light & Shadow characters, and a peek into the backstory of some characters you would not know so well! So far, there are plans for stories told by Roine, Marie de la Marque, Temar, and Miriel. If you have a favorite character, and would like to hear their story, speak up! I’m aiming for a set of six or seven stories total.

Origins and Inheritance: this would be a prequel and sequel (respectively) to Mahalia, my first novel. Inheritance follows the story of Mahalia, Nasrin, and Faseira when Pale Ones, their distant cousins, arrive from another land and demand the return of the magic that has been woven into the Yeshuhain. Origins is told by Isura, Mahalia’s sometime-enemy, and is set during the acquisition of the Great Oasis – a time of upheaval and tension across the desert.

Heaven: the story of the first human venture to a habitable planet, told through a series of vignettes from the point of view of different characters. It is difficult to describe this piece. Hopefully, it will be released sometime soon!

Purity: a three-part science fiction epic centered around the remnants of terran culture on a distant planet. It is hard to say too much more without giving away spoilers!

For now, Heart of the World is on the back burner, but it may make an appearance in my writing shortly!



Short Stories & Sneak Peeks

Gentle Readers,

A very pleasant weekend to you! It is raining outside, but Spring is unmistakable – green and pink and yellow all about. Curled up with my writing and a steaming mug of coffee, I feel very cozy, indeed!

First, and very exciting: there is now a sneak peek of Origins available on the site! You can head over and check it out here, and feel free to speculate and comment away! I am sending Origins to the beta readers chapter by chapter, and another should make its way off to them today!

Next, exciting as well: I am dipping my toes back into the world of Miriel and Catwin, and the stories that are emerging are enlightening, vibrantly alive, and occasionally disturbing. It is a struggle to pick just whose stories to tell, and how to tell them, and I find myself sifting through isolated little vignettes I wrote for Catwin’s friends and foes…

Speaking of Light & Shadow, the first book blogger review went up over at Little Ebook Reviews on Friday, and you can find it here. Huzzah!

Questions? Comments? Feel free to leave a comment!




The website has undergone the first wave of redesign, and content is back in place! Thank you for your patience during this time!

On the docket for the next few weeks:

  • Excerpts and sneak peeks – that’s right! Over the next few weeks, you will get sneak peeks of my upcoming works: Origins, Inheritance, and The Heart of the World.
  • More giveaways on Goodreads – in the next two to three months, we will see giveaways for “Shadowforged” and “Shadow’s End”!
  • Character work on Isura for “Origins” – Isura remains a finicky character, perhaps not as rigid and unpleasant in her childhood as she was during the events of “Mahalia,” but always a bit prickly, never one to sit by quietly while people did things the Wrong Way.
  • Polishing the “Inheritance” draft – it is clear that this will take more than one read-through, editing as I go. I don’t think we will make a release date of May 16, and for that I do apologize, but the story will be better for it!
  • Setting the scene in “The Heart of the World” – I’ve truly never been much of a one for zombie apocalypses, but a similar type of calamity is being faced in this fantasy world. How will the disparate races of the earth handle such a threat?

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions!