Hello, Gentle Readers!

A brief note: my website was apparently targeted by a brute-force attack sometime yesterday. InMotion shut down access to the site, and the hackers do not appear to have been successful. Hopefully this will not happen again!

After the flurry of activity that was importing all current works into Scrivener, I have begun to wade into writing again. Heaven, Purity, and the Light & Shadow short story set are all seeing modest progress! This morning began early, sending my husband off to a business trip, and I have been writing as the sky got lighter. Now I am all ready for my first nap of the day…

As a note to other indie authors out there, I have just finished beta-reading a lovely short story by Scott Zachary, and I am once again free to be beta-reading or reviewing indie books! If you have questions as to what I read, head on over to my Contact page!

Hopefully, everyone’s weekend is going well!


P.S. If you’ve read any great indie books lately, please think of leaving a review. Reviews, positive or negative, are invaluable to authors and readers alike! As always, if you have any feedback on my works, you can feel free either to leave a review or send me feedback directly!

What’s Moira Writing?

Hello, Gentle Readers!

It is always reassuring to know that the author is writing, is it not…? And so – an update! Hooray!

Light & Shadow Short Stories: a set of short stories to give you a glimpse of your favorite Light & Shadow characters, and a peek into the backstory of some characters you would not know so well! So far, there are plans for stories told by Roine, Marie de la Marque, Temar, and Miriel. If you have a favorite character, and would like to hear their story, speak up! I’m aiming for a set of six or seven stories total.

Origins and Inheritance: this would be a prequel and sequel (respectively) to Mahalia, my first novel. Inheritance follows the story of Mahalia, Nasrin, and Faseira when Pale Ones, their distant cousins, arrive from another land and demand the return of the magic that has been woven into the Yeshuhain. Origins is told by Isura, Mahalia’s sometime-enemy, and is set during the acquisition of the Great Oasis – a time of upheaval and tension across the desert.

Heaven: the story of the first human venture to a habitable planet, told through a series of vignettes from the point of view of different characters. It is difficult to describe this piece. Hopefully, it will be released sometime soon!

Purity: a three-part science fiction epic centered around the remnants of terran culture on a distant planet. It is hard to say too much more without giving away spoilers!

For now, Heart of the World is on the back burner, but it may make an appearance in my writing shortly!




As summer begins in earnest, I find myself utterly captivated by the plants growing in our garden. There is daily progress, from the barest hint of green shoots to the unfurling of leaves, and the tiny blossoms on our pepper plants. I go out and stare at them sometimes, and I get to feel as if I am not wasting my time – it’s a captivation, an entrancement, and I try to find words for it so that someday, I can share it through the lens of a character.

At the same time, I write. I write Science Fiction, which I have always found to be a fairly null genre term, being so very broad (then again, I suppose that Fantasy is much the same). The next piece is shaping up to be very short. I don’t want to say too much about it, for fear of spoiling it entirely. It involves dragging thoughts out of the subconscious and holding them up to sunlight, and that is a terrifying process.

Of course, there is the usual business of life: getting up in the mornings and putting on reasonable clothing, making meals, cleaning the house. My husband and I are training for Tough Mudder together, and I promise to post suitably-impressive pictures of thousands of people covered in mud.

As a side note, I am still open for reading and reviewing indie books for July!


The Piece You’re Afraid to Write

I am afraid to write one of my stories. It has been in the works for years, collating and shifting in my head, characters coming to life and fading into the background as others arrive. It is truly impossible to describe what this piece means to me – it is my mirror, held up to the world, both as truthful as I can make it, and a strange mix of pragmatism and hope. If I do my job correctly, you will see through my eyes, you will love these characters as completely as I do, you will be as devastated as I am.

If, if, if. I am terrified that it is not going to work. I am afraid beyond measure that people will stare at the words, blankly, and wonder why they meant so much to me.

So, today, I am afraid. I have downloaded the drabbles and outlines I have written over the years, and – wrapped in a blanket against this unseasonable chill – I am beginning to arrange the pieces, beginning to write. I have no way to know what will come of it.

That feels like an odd note on which to end a post, so I will share two things with you:

First, the backyard garden I built with my husband on Saturday! We have blisters and cuts all over our hands, and the tomato plants look a bit surly to have been taken out of their planters and put out in the cold rain, but we are very, very hopeful. As Ron Finley said, “Gardening is the most therapeutic and defiant act you can do….Plus, you get strawberries.”

moira garden

Second, a question for all of you: I assume we all have a few by now, but who was the first character whose death made you absolutely bawl? Movies, books, videogames, any form of media. (And, everyone – general spoiler alert!)

Have a lovely Monday, all!