Short Stories & Sneak Peeks

Gentle Readers,

A very pleasant weekend to you! It is raining outside, but Spring is unmistakable – green and pink and yellow all about. Curled up with my writing and a steaming mug of coffee, I feel very cozy, indeed!

First, and very exciting: there is now a sneak peek of Origins available on the site! You can head over and check it out here, and feel free to speculate and comment away! I am sending Origins to the beta readers chapter by chapter, and another should make its way off to them today!

Next, exciting as well: I am dipping my toes back into the world of Miriel and Catwin, and the stories that are emerging are enlightening, vibrantly alive, and occasionally disturbing. It is a struggle to pick just whose stories to tell, and how to tell them, and I find myself sifting through isolated little vignettes I wrote for Catwin’s friends and foes…

Speaking of Light & Shadow, the first book blogger review went up over at Little Ebook Reviews on Friday, and you can find it here. Huzzah!

Questions? Comments? Feel free to leave a comment!



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