Saira & the Dragon’s Egg Giveaway!

Saira & the Dragon's Egg

Hello, wonderful readers!

As a thank you for catapulting Saira & the Magic Sword into the Top 10 on Amazon, I will be running a giveaway for a paperback copy of Season 1! There are a few ways to enter, as you can see below, and here’s the delightful part – for every 500 downloads of Episode 1 between now and April 1, I’ll add one winner! So share! Share far and wide!


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One thought on “Saira & the Dragon’s Egg Giveaway!

  1. I am so excited about this giveaway! I love your books and want a hard copy of all of them. I have all the Saira episodes on Kindle or pre-order to take with me on my sabbatical and read there — what a treat.
    I’ve sent this promo on to friends — including some with young girls who really NEED these books. I sent it along even though more people mean it is less likely that I will win the book.
    That’s how much I love this author.

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