Review: The Pirate’s Wish

I was lucky to pick up The Assassin’s Curse so close to the release date for the sequel, The Pirate’s Wish – I didn’t have to wait to read the rest of Ananna’s adventures! So:

One sentence review: The Pirate’s Wish is an action-packed, funny, and sweet wrap-up to the story begun in The Assassin’s Curse.

What I liked: The plot moves along quite quickly in a way that is unpredictable, but always ties in to the larger plot arc. This meant that the story was an experience of discovery, plunging the reader into a multi-faceted world. I found the descriptions in this book far more vivid, and I enjoyed learning more about minor characters, seeing the different cultures (court, Confederation and non-Confederation ships, and even a peek into Naji’s world), and watching the relationship between Ananna and Naji. Speaking of this, the romance is definitely a driving force behind the book, but ties up in a satisfying way that leaves both major characters, well … in character.

What I would have liked to see: What was up with those Hariris? Seriously. They’re clearly Big Bads, dabbling in all sorts of illicit technology and magic, and we know from their attempted assassination of a sixteen-year-old that they’re fairly brutal. I could ramble on here, but mostly I was hoping for the villains to be fleshed out a bit more, both the Hariris and the one from the mists. Further, Naji expressed some serious doubts about the continued mission of the Jadorr’a, but later, at a relevant point in the story, those seem to have disappeared. While I understand that Ananna’s culture involves plenty of killing, and Clarke likely had no inclination to go into the rights and wrongs of assassins’ and pirates’ lives, I did feel that those things were glossed over somewhat. (But. This is YA.)

In short: If you enjoyed The Assassin’s Curse, this will be a satisfying conclusion to the story! If you have not yet read Curse, but like adventure and pirates and a fresh YA fantasy setting, for the love of little green apples, go get it! (After all, now we know that the story only gets better the second time around.) It’s on all platforms, but here’s the Amazon link: whee!

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