Crucible and Other Updates

Hello, Gentle Readers!

A cleaning day here in the Katson household. I unearthed and sorted innumerable scraps of paper while singing my heart out to Florence + the Machine. I am now settled down at a clean desk, a chai by my hand, preparing to continue into Book II of Novum! A few updates for you all:

  • Sandro Rybak will be doing the covers for Novum, and has produced a fantastic one for Crucible. No, sorry, you can’t see it yet (although I’m not sure I can hold out for the official cover reveal in April), but you can check out Sandro’s DeviantArt gallery here. Which is your favorite? I love Nebora, Heart of the Arctic!
  • Speaking of artwork, the talented Zezhou Chen, who did the covers from Light & Shadow, will be returning with some character sketches for the cast of Novum! I have seen the first two and am dying to share those with you, too! His new pieces include Star Princess and Last Impression – gorgeous!
  • There will also be MUSIC for Novum. Music? Really? Yes! Stay tuned for more details soon!
  • And from music, onwards to the Composers for Relief project, which has now been released on Amazon here. The project is getting some great coverage in the media, the proceeds go to a great cause (Philippines relief efforts), and it’s a good way to check out 30 great authors!
  • I am hoping to get Novum out to the 2nd round beta readers ASAP – waiting for one more beta reader to get their critique in, then overhauls, edits, and off into your hands it goes! Huzzah! If you’d like to sign up for the March round, shoot me an email at moirakatson at gmail dot com :)
  • Book II (still untitled) is taking shape in both expected and unexpected ways. I look forward to sharing it with you in a few months!

How is your winter going, readers?



2 thoughts on “Crucible and Other Updates

  1. Hi Moira!

    Love your books. Looking forward to the next one. Just wanted to say that I just saw Shadowborn on ebookSoda. Your a great writer. Hope this generates a lot of sales for you!

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