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Below, you can find general information about each of my books:

  • Mahalia (The Yeshuhain Chronicles)
    • Genres: Epic Fantasy, Young Adult Fantasy (intended for young adult and up)
    • Blurb: Mahalia spends her days in the gilded cage of a noblewoman’s life, hiding her interest in magic and dreading the day that she is married off for a political alliance. But when a fire demon is released into her oasis, destroying her home and decimating her tribe, Mahalia’s sheltered world is turned upside-down. Her people have always been different, worshiping other gods and practicing arcane magics – now they are blamed for the disaster, and mysterious robed prophets appear from the deep desert, naming the tribe as demon-born, cursed by Heaven itself. As a strange illness begins to claim members of the tribe, Mahalia steps up to become ailahafeeza, protector of her family – and perhaps the only person who can save them from an enemy who has lain in wait for centuries…
    • Topics: self publishing, young adult literature, LGBT, feminist literature
    • ISBN 1484062795 (ebook) / 978-1484062791 (print) / B008ACKPX2 (ASIN)
  • The Light & Shadow Trilogy
    • Genres: Epic Fantasy (young adult and up, target audience new adult)
    • Blurb: The Duke of Voltur has schemed for years to become the power behind the throne of Heddred, using his niece Miriel as a pawn to secure the King’s heart. To this end, he has chosen Catwin, an orphan girl, to become Miriel’s Shadow: spy, assassin, and bodyguard. Thrown together by the ambitions of a ruthless man, Catwin and Miriel must learn quickly to survive in a Court that wants them both dead…
    • Topics: self publishing, women in literature
    • Similar to: The Song of the Lioness (Tamora Pierce), The Hunger Games (Suzanne Collins), The Assassin’s Apprentice (Robin Hobb), The Other Boleyn Girl (Philippa Gregory)
    • Shadowborn: ISBN 1484094670 / 9781484094679 / B00CAWVLL8 (ASIN)
    • Shadowforged: ISBN 1484095499 / 9781301050512 / B00CAWVQN6 (ASIN)
    • Shadow’s End: ISBN 1484095618 / 978-1484095614 / B00CAWVSZC (ASIN)