The Yeshuhain Chronicles

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In the harsh world of the desert, there is one tribe that is other, one tribe that controls the powers of both fire and water. Their abilities have brought them riches, but also detractors – voices that whisper of heresy …

Mahalia BannerMahalia spends her days in the gilded cage of a noble’s life, hiding her interest in magic and dreading the day that she is married off for a political alliance – and inherits her father’s duties as ailahafeeza, protector of the family. Despite the fact that the other tribes whisper of heresity, Mahalia dreams of using Yeshuhain magic to bring life to the desert once more – but life has its own way of intervening in such plans, and before she knows it, Mahalia is living a nightmare, facing down an enemy that has waited for her for centuries…

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The desert is at peace and Mahalia’s life should be, surely, more at peace. But just as the threats of disease and war fade away, distant cousins of the Yeshuhain arrive in the desert. They have come seeking magic that was stolen from their world centuries before–magic that runs in the veins of the Yeshuhain. And they do not care what they must do to have it back..

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“You’ve never known anything but gowns and money,” Isura said softly, hatefully, and Mahalia clenched her teeth on a retort. “You think you’re safe, but you never have been.”
from Mahalia

Raised in the secluded oasis of Misurat, Isura was brought by her parents to the Great Oasis. Intelligent and talented, Isura believed that her people and their gifts would be lifted up and glorified. But in the turbulent years following the transition, facing the ill-will of the other tribes, and the desperate desire of her own people to be accepted, Isura learned that she must fight for her tribe’s history, lest their knowledge be lost forever…