The Dragon Corps

A  pen name? Yes, but don’t worry – there’s the same sarcasm, shenanigans, and spaceships you’ll find in…well, okay, there aren’t any spaceships in Light & Shadow, but you get my point. If you’re looking for lots of action, a good few jokes, and a dash of romance, you’ve come to the right place!



DragonsHonorFinal  Honor against love…

Rule 1: Don’t marry an arms trafficker.

Rule 2: Don’t fall in love with your bodyguard

Rule 3: If you have somehow managed to ignore rules 1 & 2, at least promise me you won’t sell your jewelry, buy a bunch of weapons, and head off to join a suicidal rebellion. You can promise me that, right?


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DragonsVengeanceFinalHonor against family…

Tera’s father is being hunted by a team of Dragons, but that’s not a problem – Tera is one of the best assassins in the galaxy. Her plan is simple. She’ll infiltrate their crew and bring them down from the inside.

There’s just one problem: their commander just so happens to make her go weak at the knees (turns out that’s not just a figure of speech).

Oh, and one other problem. She didn’t know her father was a despotic warlord. Details.

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Dragons Promise CoverHonor against survival…

Nyx once made a promise to her best friend: to protect his little sister, Mala, no matter what.

Except when she finally runs into Mala again after six years, Mala is…perfect. Everything Nyx has been looking for in a woman. And she’s pretty sure that’s not what Kiran had in mind when he made her promise.

But she has more pressing problems to worry about. For one thing, Mala’s been kidnapped – and a very powerful senator seems to think she’s part of an intergalactic smuggling ring…

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Stay tuned for more books in the Dragon Corps series, including Loki and Tersi’s stories, coming up soon!

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