Saira & the Dragon’s Egg

Dragons or dirigibles? … really, why should you have to choose?Saira & the Dragon's Egg

Saira doesn’t know how she ended up in a mountain cave. She’s not quite sure where she got this magic sword, either – or the tattoo on her arm. In fact, Saira can’t say for certain who she is.

What she does know: she’s been kidnapped by bandits. And apparently, they’re planning to use her as bait for a city full of ghosts … Even worse, she’s the very image of a woman who died ten years ago.

A woman who was the mortal enemy of the world’s most powerful wizard.

“So what do we do, now that you’re an enemy to a man who can level cities?”Saira Magic Sword

Fusing steampunk with epic fantasy, Saira’s story brings us from the depths of the sea to the dizzying heights of an airship fleet. At once whimsical and sweepingly epic, Saira & the Dragon’s Egg follows a young woman trying to learn her past – and claim her birthright.

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