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  1. I just finished the Light & Shadow trilogy, and must say that I am truly looking forward to reading other books penned by Moira Katson. All three of the books were well written and well thought out, suitable for young adults and adults alike. The story was beautifully done, and although the ending was quite sad for me, it was also strong and had a sense of hope in it, and I realize the ending had to be the way it was to bring the story full circle.

    My compliments to the writer; I have read many, many books and I must say that this trilogy is up there with my favorite, best written books of all time.

    Thank you for the sharing of your time and talent, and giving all the readers the gift of an amazing journey through the lives of Catwin and Miriel.

    • Thank you so much for your post, Amelia! I am so happy that you enjoyed the Light & Shadow trilogy, and I look forward to sharing more books with the world this year! (If you want to be emailed when new books come out, there is a mailing list on the sidebar, and I promise I don’t spam! 😀 )


  2. Hi — I found your books on Kobo, downloaded the first (free) book of the trilogy, am halfway through it, and have already bought the rest of the trilogy. You’ve created unusual characters in a fascinating world with an engrossing plot. I’m surprised you haven’t had success seeking agent representation, as your writing is certainly good enough…. but I know what a crap-shoot it can be, as I’m married to a writer myself.

    I will certainly look out for more of your books in future. Thanks!

    • Hello, Fran!

      I’m delighted that you’re enjoying the books! There are so many variables with agents and publishers that it’s difficult for me to know whether the genre was not expected to be successful, or the pitch was lacking, or they couldn’t take any new fantasy authors that month, or whatever! I’ve been struggling with the idea of whether or not to seek representation for my next set of books, and I am torn between the idea of a quicker journey to readers (with self-publishing, even counting in editing) and hardcover books (traditional). Oh my goodness, the hardcover books. I covet them.

      I wish you happy reading, and encourage you to join the mailing list, which I solemnly promise is only used for Really Cool Stuff like new releases and free books!


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