Moira Katson
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Moira Katson has been writing stories just about since the time she learned to read. Over the years, everything from napkins to Physics notes to work calendar pages has been covered in outlines and story bits; one of her perpetual chores is to collate her day’s notes onto the computer from the 83 scraps of paper she tends to carry in her backpack.

Moira is the author of Mahalia, and the Light & Shadow series. For her other writing projects, she is researching Norse history, Ancient Egypt, Psychology, and speculative science, and spending many hours in productive daydreaming about steampunk and dragons.

Moira lives in the frozen wastes of the Midwest with her husband and their dog, Buddy. Her non-writing interests include cooking, gardening, home renovations, STRONG coffee, comedies, and videogames.

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