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When I decided that I wanted to feature other authors on the website, Alexes Razevich came to mind at once. At that point, we had never talked, but I had just picked up her debut novel, Khe, and I was impressed by the immersive writing and the incredibly detailed world! Alexes kindly agreed to be the very first featured author – and today I am pleased to present you with some details about Khe, Alexes’ next work, and her life outside of writing!

I loved the world and immersive quality of Khe. Can you tell us a little bit about where the story began for you?

This sounds almost silly, but Khe popped into my head fully formed with red skin and emotion spots, bald and earless, at work on the commune. Developing her world was a slower process. The greatest challenge was working with no human characters. Not only did the entire world—society, family relations, methods of reproduction, foods eaten—have to be developed solely from imagination, but the two sets of alien species had to be distinct and unique, yet close enough to us that the reader could relate. Once that was done, it was a matter of letting Khe and the others live in their world. It was such fun to discover how clever and determined Khe was, and to watch her come into her own.

Which of your secondary characters has been your favorite to write?

Marnka, without a doubt. She’s completely unfiltered. I keep wondering what happened to her. I’m planning to start the second Khe book next month, and hope to find out.

Tell us a little bit about your next work!

“Shadowline Drift” is a sort of paranormal tale set in the Amazonian rainforest. The main character, Jake Kendrick, is sent to negotiate with a local tribe for benesha—a mineral that holds the potential to end world hunger. He’s chosen not only because he’s good at his job, but because he and the tribe’s chief are both three and a half feet tall. He soon realizes that benesha is not the salvation of humanity, but a threat to its very existence. Blocking his escape to warn civilization are the dangerous jungle, a mysterious group of indigenous people, a teenage sorceress, a beautiful anthropologist – and madness. “Shadowline Drift” will be released in December.

What is the book you buy extra copies of to give away to friends?

It varies by the friend. I like to give books that fit someone’s preferences or is maybe just a little outside.

Who do you see as influences on your writing?

Tough question. Rather than a person, I think I’m influenced by originality and craft. When I read a great book, hear a wonderful piece of music, see great art, read about a scientist or someone working in his or her garage who’s made an amazing breakthrough or discovery, I think, Wow! I want to be that good at what I do. I’ll keep working and working until I get there.

What do you do to unwind and relax, aside from writing?

Read, of course. I love ice and roller hockey and play on several teams. During the professional season, days are spent writing and nights either playing or watching the pros, though I play all year round. I like to crochet, and usually have a project or two under construction.

What’s one thing about you that people might not guess from your writing?

That I’m in my sixties.

What was the last book you bought?

“Self-editing for Fiction Writers,” by Renni Brown.

Alexes Razevich is the author of Khe, available now at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. You can follow Alexes on Facebook and Twitter!

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