August: Found It

Katson_kindle_promoGentle Readers,

A few exciting pieces of information …

  • The Parajunkee Indie Summer Blog Tour is going on! You can find out more about it here. In short, however, it is a collection of lovely indie books spanning many genres, and there is the chance to win a Kindle Fire! Shadowborn will be featured on September 12th, over at Paper Cuts and Erzabet’s Enchantments. Hooray!
  • Purity is continuing well! As the plot becomes richer, new characters are taking on surprising depth – I never know in advance quite how or when that will occur! It is one thing to plan a character, and quite another to watch them as they take shape.
  • I may be co-writing a piece in the near future! It center around the life of Joan of Arc, who is one of my favorite historical features (if you haven’t read or seen George Bernard Shaw’s Saint Joan, consider this my recommendation). This is entirely new ground for me, so stay tuned!
  • The short stories for the Light & Shadow trilogy continue to be in development. Roine’s has been sent for the second round of editing, Temar’s is in the first round, Miriel’s is written, and Marie’s is still in progress. I am working on one for Jacces, and am pondering Jeram, Guy de la Marque, Isra Dulgurokov, and perhaps someone from the…er…spoiler place at the end of Shadow’s End. As always, if you have a favorite character, feel free to submit a nomination!
  • On much the same note, I am pondering potential new adventures for Miriel and Catwin. Stay tuned. There are only six other projects to finish. Maybe seven. (Please send coffee.)

Questions about upcoming works? Requests for reviews or beta-reading? Feel free to leave a comment or contact me!



2 thoughts on “August: Found It

    • Oh, thank you so much! (Always glad to hear that my wild flailing in wordpress themes has worked out nicely 😀 )

      Off to plot my where-I’d-travel post!


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