2013 In Review

Christmas Tree

Hello, Gentle Readers! I hope you are enjoying this holiday season, which kicked off so early this year with Thanksgivukkah!

As we approach the new year, I wanted to provide some updates – and a recap of 2013!

  • Last year kicked off with me writing the Light & Shadow Trilogy, which has seen so much amazing feedback in the past 8 months! I am grateful beyond words to have so many fantastic fans and readers. Here’s hoping that Crucible lives up to (and exceeds) all of your expectations!
  • Crucible has been sent to the first round of 8 beta readers and one professional critique partner. This is an exciting step, and I am looking forward to diving back into the draft before sending it to the second set of beta readers! That means …

beta readers wanted


  • If you would like to be part of the second round of beta, email me! You can get in touch at moirakatson at gmail dot com :)
  • Meanwhile, I ended my very first NaNoWriMo with over 72,000 words! It was incredibly fun, and I recommend it as a light-hearted exercise! (To be followed, of course, by Edit Your Manuscript Month and Edit Your Manuscript Again Month, and possibly Why Can’t I Seem to Get This Manuscript Right Month. But that gives you four solid months of something to do in your free time!) (Also, perhaps preceded by, Plan This Novel Month and Oh Crap I Was Supposed To Plan My Novel Month. So that’s half a year.)
  • If you’re looking to start writing, how about heading over to the blog to take The Author’s Pledge? 😉
  • On my reading list at present I have Bridge of Birds, Ealdorman, and Divergent. Would you like to add your book to this list? Email me to see if there’s space on the review list!
  • If you’re looking for new books to check out, you can find my interviews with indie authors Alexes Razevich and Robin Lythgoe on the blog, and although the giveaway is over, the 7 Favorites Giveaway will give you some more potential leads!
  • Or perhaps you’re a bit tired of books (the To Read lists can get pretty overwhelming) and you’d like a different form of media? For videogames, I strongly recommend Journey – there really aren’t words for how much I recommend it! Also, I am now playing Mass Effect, and am enjoying it immensely.
  • Or maybe it’s music you want, to restart your creativity? I’ve been having a great time with Audiomachine’s Tree of Life (in fact, I won a short fiction contest for my piece related to Life Chronicles!), and Existence. If you want something a bit more heavy metal epic, how about Fracture by Heavy Melody?

How has your year been, gentle readers?




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